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Re: Frequent UTI's
Nov 4, 2006
hi all -
i have suffered from frequent UTI's since I was 14 and am now 30. I mean if you blow in the wind wrong I get them. I have done everythong the doctors have told me as far as satying away from too much caffeine. I maybe have 1 cup of coffee a day. Maybe. I only drink soda that is not dark in color likke orange, strawberry, grape, of caffeine free. Like root beer. Most of he time I drink water anyway. But I get them so bad that within an hour or two of he onset I will begin to literally pass blood clots! Ouch! I have had test done to see if my urine is being held back and not all of it is coming out (systogram) and have had urologists check me more than once and never have found anything wrong. I do all the proper things as a woman after and before sex. I always wipe front to back. I never hold my bladder anymore because I know that will cause one for me now really quick. The onlything my urologist had to offer was that is was possible that my urythra (sorry if not spelled right) was too close to my bladder and was also really small in size causing friction a lot of time during sex - which is why I would get them a lot if I was overly active . But I would also get them even if I wasn't active. So I was really getting frustrated about the whole situation. It became so frequent that I was able to detect the onset really fast and knew I had to either see my doctor right away or go to the ER if after hours. I am so far past most in pain level that the drug Peridium (the pain reliever that turns your urine bright orange/yellow) given along with the antibiotic doesn't even faze me anymore. My pain level is so high due to the fact that I am already bleeding and passing the blood clots that I have to get a stonger pain killer to help along with the anibiotic like Vicodin or Percocet. The doctors are baffled. they tell me that usually most people that get these infections don't start bleeding until the 4th or 5th day and I start right away. DOn't really know what to say but: Don't care doc. cuz it''s happening to me and you need to fix it. My pain level is so high that I laugh at them when they want to give me the pill that changes the color of my urine. My personal doctor knows to automatically give me something stonger.. When he does the cultures, he sees the blood in the urine. most of the time I can take macrobid and it clears it up or Levaquin (which is a really strong antibiotic) cipro and bactrim won't work for me. Cipro win't work only because I am allergic to it. It make me sick & I can't keep it down & bactrim just isn't stong enough. So trust me when I say: "I feel you PAIN" I mean it. I wish I had some helpful hints other than to quit any soda drinking all together or at least drastically reduce it and really only consime water and juices. If your gonna have soda it better be cffeine free and also limit yourself on tea as well because tea has more caffeine than soda. Drinking plenty of water even when you r not having a UTI will help keep your body flushed out of any negative bacteria anf keep all the good bacteria. Good Luck to you.


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