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Ok about three weeks ago I woke up feeling pretty bad, constant urge to pee, back ache. Well I went to the urgent care place and was diagnosed with a UTI, I was given Bactrim DS. Five days later, I still felt like I had symptoms so I went back. They tested me again said that an infection was not showing up but they were going to culture it and gave me Cipro for 7 days. I took it all and it helped but I still had symptons. So i went to a gyn/urologist and was given Macrobid. She again did a culture. I have been pretty upst as I have 3 days left on this antibiotic and am not doing better. I talked to my mom and apparently both my aunts have had the same type of problem and recently my gma has had several antibiotics to get rid of a stubborn uti. My question is why is it being so stubborn, I just don't understand? Has anyone else ever had these types of problems and what do I do now. I am hoping that the culture she did last week will be in tomm. and something will show up and i can finally get some relief. I know it's not a big problem, but it's quite frustrating and I am starting to get scared with no end in sight. Anyway thanks for listening

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