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I am more then likely facing a surgery to open up the tip of my Urethra. It is slowly closing and my Urologist says after the surgery I am going to have to dialate my Urethra. Does anybody know what this is all about? Does anybody have any experience in this? I have read about a drug called Daytrol, does it do the same thing? Any help on this subject is GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks for your time,
me in id
[QUOTE=hairier yet..]I've heard of a thing called urethral stricture, where there's a blockage or closing of the urethra. I don't know what causes it but have heard of men who had to have their urethra probed, stretched or dilated. It may be a fairly common thing, I'm not sure.

You mentioned surgery, do you mind me asking what your doctor's going to do to your urethra surgically? Will something have to be removed? Just curious.

Wish I could offer you more. Let us know how everything turns out.

Best of luck my friend.


Hello and thank you for your reply,
Yes it is an Urethrel Stricture. The doctor is basically going to cut the tip of my urethra open to make its size bigger due to the fact that it is slowly closing. No nothing has to be removed, just a couple slices and I think thats it. He is going to put me completey under. But one thing that scares me about this dr. is that, I asked him about the dialating of the urethra and he gave me IVAC probe covers and thats what im suppose to use to do the dialating. Is it just me or is that fishy? Im suppose to stick it in my peehole like 2 1/2 inches. I mean is that a low budget deal or is that what people use? Any help you can give is much appreciated.

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