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been busy lately....your input is much appreciated and very useful to get an indepth approach and understanding to this phemomenon. Yeah I have to admit it is quite confusing for me sometimes on how and where to draw the line between normalness after voiding and what is perceived as 'dribbling'. Although you made some useful points I still feel to a certain extent that this problem can possibly be stress related in terms of the persons life situation/circumstances and his obsession related to this problem (or maybe I've just become so obsessed with this problem that I've gone a bit loony and started theorising a touch too much) and also me myself just cant imagine a person urinating, finishing his business and nothing gets left behind - I mean there must be something left behind - even sometimes after I have 'milked' down there and soaked up all of it up with a tissue a few times over - I sometimes check after a hour or so and just see urine not flowing out but just below the exit hole (then again that itself could be abnormal) and also after playing sports and exerting myself I realise that urine appear just under/before the exit hole or maybe just a drop has come out - I suppose to me this seems to appear normal since there must be something remaining in the urethra after voiding and since its so long and when one exerts himself its bound to go down the urethra and exit seeking freedom. Also another thing my doc told me was that its do with muscles actually in the penis which contract. You have one just before the tip and one closer to the base and after u finished urinating the bottom one is meant to close first then the top one but it maybe the case that in my case the top is closing first and then the other one - which means urine gets trapped between the two and then when the muscle/penis gets involved in sudden movements as you do in normal life - scratching down there, it getting trapped between your pants etc. - thats when the remaining part exits. Well its just a theory but who knows. Also one more thing I would like to ask is when u milk yourself, I'm aware of the method but how many times do you do it or advise to do it and when you do it for eaxmple when you've pushed from behind with the fingers etc. so which pushes the urine through the urethra and out - is it advisable to wait a specific/certain amount of time so that the urine has good time to exit and then do it again (if you get what I mean)?



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