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Re: Various Queries
Dec 22, 2006
Hi once again....hope your well and thanks for the reply and more useful input. Well I've been kegeling various methods for the past few months although I have seen an improvement slightly - for example I've been doing 3 sets a day up until recently and had a break for the past few days just to experiment - and from what I have noticed I've begun to dribble more after urination - so although It hasn't cured the problem I would definitely say it relieves slightly and who knows maybe 6 months down the line it could vanish completely. That point brings me to my next point - which is - may be its absolutely normal - designated in the human male urinary system that urine remains in the urethra and is bound to exit itself and that it will only become an issue if you get obsessed with and try to notice it (also my doctor told me that this problem can also be mind related - related to stres etc.)- I mean is it confirmed for sure that once a 'normal' person (without any possible dribbling) (male) has finished urinating that absolutely nothing should remain in the penis/urethra - if he were to open his end there would be no urine left at all?
Also is there a possiblity that the way a person urinates has an effect. I mean once the [I]'main stream' [/I]finishes do you exert force to exit whatever is possibly left, as sometimes when you try to exert yourself posasibly there isn't enough urine to come all the way up and sometimes just gets trappedand doesn't exit which will work its way up inevitably? I dont know...theres so many possibilities and factors. As for me I also have [U]IBS[/U] - which i treat by taking an[I] Imodium [/I]tab daily - so not sure if that could be a factor - also are there any small devices put [I]'down there' [/I]to stop the urine spreading and leave any embarassing marks - tissue always seem to misplace itself - so not good really.
Re: Various Queries
Dec 23, 2006
from my encounters with urologistS my impression is that
urology have no guidelines or even diagnostic definition to post void dribbling I wish I could be stand corrected what they do is check if there is post void residual through an ultrasound but if u pass that and if your prostate is not enlarged then the dribbling doesnt fit to any categorization but the fact that it doesnt fit with any category doesnt makes it "normal"
It rather means that u have symptom without a disease
which leaves u basically without treatment either and kinda floating.
so u have to develop an approach to the all thing which is a personal approach for my thinking its clear that after voiding some dribbling (one drop at least )is normal and as u said its due to the structural nature of the male urethra (which is btw much longer than that of the female and that why females dont have this problem).
I base it on an urologist view that not more than one drop after urination should be considered normal though it definitely doesnt represent any official diagnostic guideline but his personal opinion . I know it because some of the urologists i went to considered even one drop as a symptom (which makes me think some of them dont know whats going on even in their own pants) the reason why I have some assurance that one drop after voiding isnt a symptom is also based on a discussion group which is called askmetafilter where a group of people (people who dont consider themselves to have urological problems) sent comments in regard to how to get rid of the "last drop" one conclusion that one
can draw from this discussion is that its difficult if not impossible to do that .
for me the reading of that discussion had another real benefit as it teached me how to minimize the dribbling and i dont know if youre aware of that yet or not but if you reach to your perineum after u void and like press it with your free hand from side to side or upwards with an addition of urethral milking, which means that u take some of the left over urine from the urethra by squeezing it in a manner that is similar to the squeezing out of the last leftovers of paste from a tooth paste tube then
youll will be left with much less dribbling .for me this method of emptying
solved the fear of a stain that would be visible . listen , I would like to continue this message in other time as it stretches on and im kinda tired but there are still some points in the message u wrote that I would like to youll definitely hear from me soon .
take care
Re: Various Queries
Dec 24, 2006
-continue- rereading the message I wrote yesterday I can see why for another person it may seem strange and maybe obsessive all this emphsis on one drop after urination ,but for me it signifies the crossing point from the normal dribbling after urination to the post void dribbling .
another thing which in my view may be important in determining if oneself has a post void dribbling or normal left overs may be related to the timing of the actual appearance of the dribble the dribble should be limited in its time frame so if the dribble appears for example 10 mins after urination even if its only one drop then its probably unnormal . this problem doesnt seem like much but because it touches on a very sensitive nerve (which is linked by association to incontinence) the pain from it could be magnified .
final comment Ive is in relation to your ibs I think actually im quite sure its not good to your body if you take imodium daily it even says so in the consumer usage manual .there is a special diet that is called SCD by Elaine Gotchell which is also recommanded to ppl with ibs ive been doing it for 3 months (in my case it should be followed for 2 years) and I can see some positive changes .
Take Care

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