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I've had the same problem off and on for years. I had the worst UTI back in June 2003 and then had 3 more consecutive UTIs after that. Around November 2003 I had an urethral tingly/annoying sensation that kind of felt like I had to pee but I knew I didn't. It didn't hurt at all but it was a constant sensation and it kept me up at night. It came and went for months. I went to a urologist after my GP said I was testing negative for UTIs and all STDs. He put some sort of solution into my bladder to coat the walls because it said it was inflamed due to chronic UTIs. He told me to take 2 Ibuprofen in the morning and at night to help the inflammation, avoid caffeine for the rest of my life and anything too acidic until it went away. He even put me on Detrol but I only took that for 2 weeks. By Feb 2004 it was pretty much gone.

This past June I got another bad UTI and a couple more following (1 in October and the last one was the beginning of January). And, sure enough that stupid sensation came back 2 weeks after the UTI cleared. It was bad for a week but now it's starting to come and go. I notice it more at night. I went to the urologist again. He did the same treatment and said that I'm doing well but the treatment didn't really work too well. I still have the sensation so I'm going to see a Uro-Gyn next month to see what else it could be. Ibuprofen does help a bit.

Sorry I can't help you more but that's just the experience I've had so you're not alone. Maybe see a specialist if you haven't already? Good luck!

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