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Hello, this is kinda an embarassing issue but here goes. I have always had prostate issues, nothing really bad but frequent and urgency, although not the issue here. Lately everytime I finsh urination, no matter how long I wait until I zip my pants up, I always seem to dribble urine in my underwear. It is a very annoying issue and not sure why this is happening. I can stand by the urinal for lengthy periods but regardless once I zip up I end up dribbling urine.

Not sure if this is uncommon or not, just not sure what to do. Was going to discuss this with my Urologist but thought there may be other people who have experienced this.


Anyone have any info on this. Im experiencing the EXACT same thing, but Ive never had prostate issues as far as I know.
I have the same problem too :( Would like answers

Meanwhile what I suggest both of you do is get some toilet paper, roll it up and place it inside your pants, then when the dribbling stops just throw it away. I have had the habit of doing that for the past couple of years.
Thanks for the suggestion, it just seems there has to be other reasons or ways to fix this trouble. I thought something like Flomax would help but not sure if it is due to a stream issue or something else, but it is definitely an annoying problem. At least I am not the only one having these issues.
I too have the same problem (see my other messages on this subject)
if any of you find a solution to this problem please message it on board Ill do the same .
Found this article. Read the 2nd and 3rd sections titled dribbling and uncomfortable ejaculation and how to stop dribbling. I still think I might make an appt with the urologist since it could be a prostate issue, but the squeezing techniques described have worked for me thus far.

There are many of us that have this problem! what I've read from medical books is, that the muscle that holds in/back the urine is a bit weak! We need to exercise and strengthen that muscle which is in the lower part of the penis that's below our testicles. To strengthen that muscle, we have to use the stop and start method while we are peeing. Meaning to purposely stop and start when you are urinating! When you stop the urine flow, hold it counting for a few seconds, let go, peeing, and then repeat the process! Do this two or three times a day! This strengthens that muscle. I beleive it is called the kegal exercise! I've tried it, and it has helped a great deal. Of course, standing for a few seconds longer drain my penis has also helped..:wave:
I had this problem a while back (and sometimes still do if I've wait a really long time to pee, since it's harder to push it out).

What is happening is that the tube that carries your urine runs downwards along the bottom of your pelvic muscles, then back up through your penis. When you finish peeing, the muscles are not strong enough to push the pee that has pooled at the bottom of the tube upwards and out.

To fix this, after you have finished, put two fingers between your scrotum and halfway to your anus, then starting from halfway to your anus rub your fingers against the bottom of this area towards your scrotum, pushing the liquid out (like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube). This will get the last bit of pee out and avoid that never ending urination feeling .

There are many articles on it around the net that explain this in more detail. Hope this helps someone.

(edit - As cleansweep has suggested, the BEST solution to this is to fix the muscles that are too weak in the first place, and kegal exercise's are perfect for this. Plus they help with erections, incontinence, premature ejaculation, a whole range of things!)
yes me to an am sure use will agree it is really annoying

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