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Im uncircumsized and had sex the night before my wifes period and the next day the tip of my penis itched. A week later I went to the clinic and the doctor prescribed me Omnicef 300 mg and sent me on my way. I took the pills for 3 days and the itching stopped, then five days later it came back with the redness. I took the pills for 7 more days and then tried Monistat 7 to help speed the process up. Monistat seemed to work better than antibiotics but after 10 days of monistat it was still slightly pink on the tip of my ureathra. When I pulled the skin back the tip of my urethra was pink. I never had no discharge or anything just some itchyness. Well I let it go to see if it was cured after I ran out of antiboitics and 10 days of monistat and 5 days later not only the tip of my ureahtra was pink but the whole tip of my penis was pink when I pulled the skin back. So, 5 weeks after the first visit I went again. This time he prescribed me Keflex 500 mg and Nystatin Cream and told me it was a bacterial infection and maybe a little yeast. This with no testing just a visual look.

After asking my wife if she had any discharge or anything, which she doesnt he sent me on my way. After 3 days the pinkness around the head went away but the tip of the ureathra is still slightly pink. Im now on the last day of treatment and I called the doc for a refill and hes giving me another 7 days of Keflex. Is a little pinkness normal on the tip of my ureathra? Because I really never paid any attention to the color of the tip of my ureathra before so I dont know what is normal now. So, far Ive taken antibiotics for 3 weeks and 3 days and Im thinking it should have been gone by now. Theres no itching or burning but ever now and then my foreskin is hard to pull back thus I cant see the head of my penis as well as other days and some days I can pull back and see the whole head. This is so annoying especially since I have no clue what I have. I could take a pic if someone needed me to to be to give a better sence of whats the problem. The nurse said if it didnt clear up after this week call them back and they'd refer me to a urologist.


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