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lately Ive found that the very long standing very distressing problem of post void
dribbling (drippage after urination) of mine could be diminished simply by
applying pressure to the thick area of the urethra which is undercovered by the testicles
I do it by grabbing this area with a fist as same as pressuring water out from an hose
and then shake vigorously with one or two upward motions
the area which is undercovered by the testicles
is a spot which is not so easy to reach into and you may have to wade through woods
somewhat in order to get there the part that you reaching for is the part where
your urethra turns thick as it connects with other body tissue.There is a slight difference
nevertheless significant one between this voiding technique to the technique of reaching
to the perineum
following with an upward motion which is sometimes taught
by urologists for me the curve where the after voiding remnants were stuck
is located at the urethra roots plus you cant GRab your perineum which may also
decrease from the efficiency of the perineum upward motion technique.
post void dribbling can be a symptom of many different conditions but if youre young like I'm and
have this problem you probably dont have bph and may be diagnosed as suffering from
prostatis as I was in one point.(though I was also been given alpha blockers which are
prescribed with bph) keep in mind this fact 95% of people who are diagnosed with
prostatis have non specific prostatis ,i.e there is no evidence of an infection in there
prostate after culture the failure rates of their treatment is strikingly high
accordingly. the same goes with non specific utis.
in my case the fear from the drippage which occurred mostly after voiding
but also in other times caused a constant contraction of my pelvic muscles which in turn
can cause pain in that area and mimic prostatis . though post void dribbling is not a
disease but a symptom and even in my case I think it has roots in uti it was the focal
point from where I felt the most pain. people who identify with this problem should also
look into kegel exercises which in some hardcore scientific studies (see medscape,pubmed ) proved
to be successful in treating this problem though not in my case .
I wish this help to relieve someone pain

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