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I've had between between 10-15 UTIs in my young life (I'm almost 26), including 2 hospitalizations (the first when I was 2 years old) due to kidney infections. Last year I had a bad one that required a shot of antibiotics and lost of rest, and after that was put on a low dose antibiotic for a few months as a preventative. I stopped taking the low dose antibiotic after those couple of months and haven't had any problems until now. Last week I was diagnosed with a UTI and put on Cipro for 3 days. I was using AZO standard and 800mg Ibuprofen up to 3x daily for those 3 days, and after the last round was still in pain and still urinating constantly. The pain at that time was in my lower back (dull, burning ache) and starting to radiate towards the front in my pelvic area. I went to after hours care and they put me on Bactrim for 21 days and referred me to a urologist, which I can't see until next Thursday. My pain has changed somewhat- I still have the urinary frequency and occasionally feel the dull ache in my lower back (right side), but now the primary concern is painful fullness in my bladder and sharp shooting pains in my pelvic area (right side also). I also have developed nausea over the last couple days. I made an appointment with a new doctor (General Practitioner) for Friday simply because I can't live like this until next Thursday, but I don't know if they will be able to help (probably a urologist is needed). Any ideas what this can be???

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