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[QUOTE=allie_2448;2954361]UPJ is urethral pelvic junction is were the ureter is obstructed by either a kink in the tube, or scar tissue building up...decreasing the flow of can happen on both sides.

My son was born with it he had the UPJ with his left kidney (they found it when I was pregnant with him). He had surgery when he was 3 months old
I also had 3 operations for this..mine is due to scar tissue building up in the tube and kidney problems..I make a lot of scar tissue...over time if you have many stones they can cause scarring of the ureter tubes also..

If it is left untreated it can cause permanent kidney damage.

If you have more questions about this ask away...I'll answer if I can unfortantely I've been through so much...I posted on the kidney board about this.[/QUOTE]

How do they detect this? MRI's? and how is it treated? What exactly are the symptoms?

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