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Just to let you know my lab results came back "negative" for any bacteria. There was a "trace" of some blood and protein in my urine. Doctor said to come back in 10 days to re-check. From what he said if most people took urine samples there would be at least 50% with "trace" of something as well. Told me not to worry because I had asked him if I had waited too long to get the Augmentin in me (10 days with strep before I got any)...I was worried about kidney damage.....I havent had the urination problem anymore though...Any thoughts ?
I am not sure that I agree with what your Dr. said about how 50% of the general population would test positive for traces even without an infection. I have never heard this before, so I am pretty skeptical of that. But, admittedly, I am not a Dr. or medical professional. However, I do have a bladder disease that predisposes me to frequent UTIs and kidney infections, so I do have alot of personal experiance in this area. (I had 10 diagnosed UTI/bladder/kidney infections last year alone!)

Anyway, even "a trace" of bacteria can grow into something more serious. If you werent symtomatic, it may or may not be as big of a deal. However, since you HAVE been symptomatic, (and are actually coming off of a full-blown bacterial infection!), that is definately a different story, at least in my opinion.

Most abx continue to work for a few days after you take the last pill. So, the traces that were present in your urine, have a good chance of being wiped out by the remaining medicine in your system. (This is why he didnt put you back on antibiotics.) BUT, it is ALSO possible that the abx could have killed off all of the bacteria except the most resiliant, and that the remaining bacteria could be super strong, (which they would be, if they were resistant to the abx.) However, given the fact that you still had traces after finishing the course of abx, there is no way to know which outcome you will have, unless symptoms return, or you are retested. (That is why he is having you return to be tested in 10 days. If it was true that 50% of the population have traces of blood and protein in their urine all the time, and if that were okay, why would he want you to go back in 10 days to do another urine test?)

In my opinion, it wasnt necessarily that bad that your Dr. didnt put you on more abx because of the traces of bacteria, since those might clear up with the remaining abx in your system. But, what IS bad (at least to me), is that he didnt tell you to call or come back if your symptoms return. If your symptoms do NOT return, THEN I think going back and retesting the urine would be appropriate, just to make sure it cleared up. (Sometimes, they don't clear up, instead, they brew at low levels for a few weeks, building momentum, turning into what appears to be "another" infection, when in reality, it is still the same, original infection that was never fully resolved.) But, I think it was very irresponsible of your Dr. not to tell you to call or come back in if your symptoms return BEFORE the 10 days. After all, not only would you be suffering in the meantime, but you could do damage this time, b/c the remaining bacteria are going to be the resiliant (super-strong) bacteria that didn't respond to the abx. Does that make any sense?

I also find it odd and disconcerting that he told you that having traces of protein and blood in urine is normal for 50% of people. I just plain do not belive that. However, I have been wrong before, and might be again. But, I am going to have to see some hard proof before I believe that. But, even if it were true, your bacteria DID cause an infection and symptoms, so yours was definately NOT a benign bacteria.

I do realize that we all have "good" bacteria and "bad" bacteria in our bodies. For example, when we take abx, they kill the good and the bad, which is why we get yeast infections. Because the good bacteria normally take care of the yeast. That is why eating yogurt with live cultures helps with a Yeast infection. However, when they culture urine and grow it, they find out which kind of bacteria is present. That is how they knew you had Strep, (which is, of course, NOT a "good" bacteria.) Hopefully, they will culture this UTI sample too. I think I would call them to see if they did. If they didnt, from now on, whenever you give a urine sample, it is always best to have them culture it and grow it for about 3 days. (My Dr. has caught most of my infections by culturing them. Lots of times I was told I didnt have an infection at all when they just did the dipstick test, yet when they cultured it, it showed up.)

As for your worries of kidney damage, yes, infections can cause structural damage to kidneys, however, most of the time, it takes multiple, recurring, or particularly bad ones to cause damage. (For example, even with me having 10 documented infections in the last year with some contained in my urinary tract, some involving my bladder, and others that involved my kidneys, I still do not have any structural damage. My URO did extensive tests to make sure, since I had so many infections last year.)

I still just do NOT think that having "traces of bacteria" is normal in healthy urine. I have been put on antibiotics several times when I was symptomatic, when the Dr. said there were only traces present. Yet, I was always told that we were "lucky we caught it early". I have a PCP, Gyno, and URo that I see when I have bladder, UTI, and kidney infections. (I go to whoever can get me in the day I call.) I have also been to the local Urgent Care with a few of my infections. There have been "traces" many times over the years, so I have been told this several times, by many different Drs, and almost all of them put me on abx for the infection. That is why I find it so bizarre that your Dr. thinks it is normal for 50% of the population to have bacteria in their bladders and that it is okay, (even when his patient is having UTI symptoms, and is coming off a bacterial infection for Strep!)

The only times a Dr. hasnt put me on abx when I had "traces" of bacteria, was a couple of times after I had just come off an antibiotic, and they said the remaining abx in my system should take care of it. Then, (as in your case), they told me to come back in 10 days to be rechecked, to make sure it got resolved. BUT, they ALWAYS told me to come back if the symptoms returned, or if I got worse, before the 10 days. And, none of them EVER stated or acted like it was normal for a healthy person to have traces of blood or protein in their urine, (particularly right after that person has had a d/xed bacterial infection!)

If you have a relationship with another DR., like a Gyno, PCP or Uro, then I would definately tell them about this situation and what your Dr. said about 1/2 the population, and ask them what they think.

I hope that others will respond to your question too. I would be very interested to read others opinions on this. If you don't get any replies from others here, I hope that you will create a new topic here, telling people what your Dr. said, and asking their opinions.

I really hope that by a few days after you have taken the last abx, that your infection will be gone. But, if your symptoms return, (even if is before the 10 days), PLEASE go back to the Dr. or (preferably) see a different one, one that takes "traces of blood and protein in the urine" seriously.

Sorry this was so long! (Apparently, I am incapable of writing a short response! :)) But, I do hope you stay feeling better!

Sending hugs,
Thanks for your in depth response...:) Anyhow...Let me elaborate a little more on what the doctor had said. He mentioned 50 % of people having blood and protein in thier urine is not uncommon WHEN THEY EXCERCISE HARD or have had trauma, intercourse etc....My "traces" I was told barely made the chart. They did do the culture for 3 days and it came back negative for bacteria. I'm still on Augmentin for 3 more days for the strep throat. I cant wait to get off this abx because it is giving me diariah (sp) and upset belly. The doctor told me to come back again for another culture because sometimes the current abx that i'm on can "mask" the infection. I'm urinating fairly normal right now. I'm so aware of it thought that its driving me crazy. Last 2 days it just felt weak when coming out but today better pressure. I have no pain, fever etc....I talked to a nephrologist today on the phone about possible nephritis or the other one called gluco-something nephritis and he told me even though I had strep for 10 days before i took the abx, form the sound of my symptoms he doesnt have any concern because I have no real symptomolgy for those 2 issues with kidneys. He thinks maybe that a "touch" of the infection penetrated into into the urinary tract and is wreaking a little havoc on my bladder...Anyhow...Let me know your thoughts...Great having you around....:)

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