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New symptoms have appeared and now I have bloody clumps (with pain when it comes out of my urethra opening) and green mucus that I KNOW is not from my vagina. I feel this burning pain on the outside of my urethra opening after this happens and I have constant flank pains still. I do get chills off and on and I do feel feverish off and on. The blood and the green mucus doesn't happen all the time it's mainly just the green mucus that I see when I wipe. I was thought to have kidney stones (from an x-ray there was something in there that was 5cm) but when they did CT scan no stones showed up. I also did not have a UTI but have the classic symptoms of burning when urinating, urgency, and my urine does not smell like urine it smells odd. My urine is also still cloudy and dark yellow orange in color.

Don't think this has anything to do with whats happening now but I do have fatty liver, gallstones, and an ovarian cyst. Have not menstrated in 5-6 months now and I do not have a UTI, or any STD's. Abnormal labs: high RBC, high liver enzymes, 1 pt low protein, blood in urine, ketones in urine, high glucose (im type 2 diabetic).

I know green mucus means infection but why the blood clumps and green mucus? Could it be that I did have a kidney stone and it might be lodged somewhere? Please help :\

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