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My father is 69 years old. He has had a urinary tract infection for 4 weeks now and he is miserable. He was on a foley cath for 2 months prior to the infection (we think the infection was there while he was on the foley because he consistently complained of bladder pressure, but his urine was never cultured at that time.) He was on the cath because of an enlarged prostate....he simply could not urinate. A urologist did laser surgery to open the urethra, and now he can urinate. But, the problem now is he constantly is going to the bathroom, has a constant feeling of being full and it hurts when he urinates. After surgery the cath came out and his urine was checked and he was diagnosed with a UTI. He was given 5 days of Cipro, then the culture came back and he was given a different medication. (Not sure what). After 10 more days of pain, he went back to the urologist, the infection was still present, and after another urine culture, they put him on Bactrim, AND Detrol. Now the poor man can no longer urinate. He went to emergency room, and they had to put in another cath. Urologist told him to stop Detrol and come to his office in 5 days. The Detrol was stopped, the cath is still in, he is still on Bactrim, but the pain and the fullness are still there. I thought that by doing a urine culture the doctor was supposed to know EXACTLY what type of antibiotic to treat it with, but this does not seem to be the case. I am concerned on many different levels as you can imagine. He has had no sleep now for a month becasue he has to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. (With the cath in now for the past 2 days that has eased up, but he is still being awakened by the bladder pressure). And of course my main concern is that this will lead to a full blown kidney infection if they cant find the right antibiotic to clear away the infection. Please help.

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