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I always drink water, and maybe once in a while juice or milk. Drinking soda has always given me UTI's. The pain in my ribs is bothering me pretty bad right now. Do you ever get that? All the other symptoms seem like my symptoms, although I keep feeling like I have to pee today instead of NOT having to go. When I do go, I have tried pushing more out (once or twice, I am trying NOT to do that) after I feel like I am done, and more always comes out. I get this cramping in my pelvic (bladder area?) pretty much every time I go. It stinks. I have noticed that having sex (once I start feeling like having an orgasm, sorry if that's TMI) is causing cramping. It was so bad the other night I felt like I had to push something out, kinda like I was in labor or had to have a BM (but did not have a BM). I tried to relax myself with breathing.... Totally stinks. I am calling my doc this morning about the AZO UTI test I took. It was positive for WBCs but negative for Nitrites. (Do you ever have WBCs in your urine?) I will let you know if they want to see me or not... I hope I don't get in trouble at work, I have been missing a lot of work...

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