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[QUOTE=oceantiger;3137870]Can anyone help me? I've been sick for a month and they can't find out what's wrong with me. I was going to the bathroom a lot and I went to the doctor and he did a dip stick test and it showed I had an infection. He told me I had a UTI and he gave me Cipro for 3 days. I started to get worse and worse and started peeing more and it really hurt. Then they switched me to Macrobid for 5 days I got a little bit better but not much. After I stopped taking it I got worse. I went back and they said I have no sign of infection. I continued to get worse and went back. No infection. I had a pap done and they said I had no infection. I went to the Urologist and he said I could still be healing from my UTI and gave me anti-bladder spasming pills. I took them for 4 days and still was peeing the same and then felt sick on them so stopped. He did an ultra sound to see how much pee was left in my bladder after I urinated and I had 25 percent still left which was "slightly unusual" since women usually empty there whole bladder when they pee but it could have been a one time thing. He told me to wait 2 months before he'd run more tests. At the time he didn't look inside my bladder with a tube or do any other tests. Just the ultra sound and urine check which was negative for infection. I went back to the gynocologist and had them check me for STD's. Everything was negative. She said I am on the borderline of having a vaginal infection they are a little sticky but she's not sure and it still could be normal. She said the area of my Hymen is involunarliy spasming when its touched. I have constant vaginal pain where it sometimes hurts to walk. Now when I go pee my entire lower stomach hurts. Every time I have to go I actually pee. I never try and nothing comes out. I sometimes get up 4 times a night to go pee. I pee several times an hour then sometimes I can wait a couple hours before going. Also for two days I had a sudden sharp pain on the left side of my stomach that went away in a few seconds. It happened 4 times in one day and 2 times last week but hasn't happened since. Now I am having severe diareah for 4 days and I can't eat. I have to force myself and I feel sick when I do. They have checked me for Diabetes, STDs and infection and nothing. I may never have had a UTI to begin with since the doctor didn't culture my urine. I am so scared something is seriosuly wrong I am not getting answers. Can someone please help me?[/QUOTE]might ask them about kidney might be really drinking alot.or having bladder spasms.of course these are all guesses.might have your pee pee holes stretched if it is not all coming out.

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