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I am 35 yrs old and have no UTIs but off and on I have had burning during urination. Just today I had the feeling of burning but earlier this evening the feeling was worse - like little sharp cuts as I first let the stream out.

I'm was open to idea that's it's just dehydration but then I wanted to check wth my hand to see why the pain seems to linger. Bascially I recreated the pain from touch. Just from some pressure on the head and tip I got the same feeling 1 hour after peeing - and proceed to freak out. It's actually like a shooting pain - as if down the major nerve or down the urethra. Lower down the shaft does not produce nearly the pain, just the sense of pressure.

I have had this same sharp pain about a month ago toweling off after a shower. I am very worried mainly because I remain convinced that an electric shock (years ago) has inflicted lasting damage that contributes to this and other pains. I've had abrasive feelings on skin around the head and also general problems feeling enough pleasure to orgasm from hand-jobs and blow-jobs - all which I fear are related.

My questions are:
Has anyone else felt this pain from peeing and [U]also[/U] from touch?
Could this pain be connected to an urethra irritation? I have been checked for infections recently.

Also worried about: why is the head so much easier to squeeze - the lower shaft feels full and thick but the tip now feels deflated and easy to press flat-like. This too makes me very worried that I've got a major problem with the tissue itself.

Any help would be great - any similar experiences would be reassuring.

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