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I'm 22 years old and Caucasian. I have not had unprotected sex (or protected sex, for that matter), I do not consume alcohol, I do not smoke, and I do not take any drugs other than Tylenol for headaches and caffeine.

I've been dealing with some serious problems as far as my urinary and reproductive systems are concerned, but all five of the urologists I've been to thus far don't seem to care and think it's something I'll eventually get over, despite the fact I've been having problems for at least 4 months.

Currently, the problems that I have include painful urination, have to strain to urinate, I have a very weak and short stream despite having a blatter that feels very full, I have occasional stinging in the very tip of the penis, my testicles (especially the left one) aches for hours on end, lower stomach pains, something that feels like fluid in my scrotum after taking a shower, urinating or ejaculating, and probably a few other symptoms I'm forgetting right now. When my urination is interrupted despite feeling like I have a lot more urine left, I sends sharp pain throughout the base of my shaft and my testicles which persists for several hours.

Problems I have had recently but haven't felt in at least a week include painful ejaculation, lower back pains, nausea, and testicle pain associated with the ejaculation. The ejaculation during this state drys up very quickly and very little of it comes out; It's almost as if no liquid comes out at all, and more like I'm pushing glue out of my urethra. Although I haven't felt this recently, it has come back three times already after going away, so I doubt this problem is solved.

As soon as I say that I don't have blood in my urine or ejaculation, the urologists just blow me off. None of my urinalysis results have indicated anything abnormal, and the same goes for physicals. I've tried to get them to recommend an x-ray before, but they never do. What can I do to get rid of these symptoms? This pain is at its best conflicting with work and sleep, and at its worst, it's the most awful pain that I have ever been in my entire life.

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