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Isn't this a nightmare? I spend my days counting how long it is between trips to the bathroom to pee. This morning, I went about once every hour. Then while at work I actually made it three hours without having to go to the bathroom. But I'm so uncomfortable most of the day. Always worrying about whether or not I'm gonna make it to the bathroom on time. And I don't have much to get rid of. I don't even drink water while I'm at work. I don't know if that's good or bad?? I'm waiting for the results of my CT scan. I have no idea what is going on with me. My urine was clear at the last check. I'm on low dose antibiotics now just to be safe. This is going on month 3 now!! 3 months of this and I'm about ready to lose my mind!! I'm beginning to think I have chronic cystis or just a really bad bladder from having a UTI going undiagnosed for months. I think it's just gonna take time. The doctor did that test to check my bladder and she said it looked normal. So..I have no idea what is wrong. Trying to diaganose myself has been frustrating and everyone around me just doesn't get it. They don't understand "why" I never want to go out anymore. Just getting through my work day has been hard enough.

Sorry to hear you were in the ER. Maybe there is some superbug going around that is causing this in women. I've heard some UTI's can be very hard to get rid of. I hope that is NOT what I'm dealing with here.

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