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Scared and Confused
Dec 21, 2007
So the week before thanksgiving i had my first UTI ever, i also got my period during this UTI. The weekend prior to this UTI i did have sex (have been sexually active for over 2 years and never had a UTI or any complications from sex) I went to the health services at my college and they gave me antibiotics and it seemingly cleared up. Then i waited 2 weeks before engaging in sexual intercourse again. Then on the 11th of this month i felt the symptoms of the last UTI and returned to health services who treated me for a UTI again. I also got my period again during this UTI. Does anyone have any suggestions for why this may be happening? I am in a committed relationship and we always have used spermicidal condoms for over 2 years each time we have sex. Do you think the UTIs are linked to me having sex? If so why would they be happening all of the sudden like this? Any ideas? Also how can i prevent these from happening? Any home treatments that work also?

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