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Recurring UTIs
Apr 3, 2008
I've never posted for my daughter before, but we've started up again with UTIs and thought I could get some insight.

My daughter, now 15, has had recurring UTIs all of her life. The first was discovered when she was about 3 and they figured she had one a long while before that. She is rarely symptomatic other than frequency. So when she was little it was difficult to know if she had an infection or was just wetting herself, until it was raging and she was in screaming/crying pain. She had problems wetting the bed and herself into her teens. She saw a few different urologist (we moved a couple of times) and had the standard tests at 4 yrs old (VCUG? and something else) and all looked normal. She had them again when she was 10. Most said some people are like this and they eventually grow out of it. And she seemed to until this year.

She is now on her 6th UTI in the past year. Sometimes she will have the frequency and "just know" (she is 15 and does know her body) and the dip test shows it to look within normal range... but a week later she is in pain and the dip will show a raging infection. They believe her now and treat her when SHE says she has an infection, cultures always come back positive. They culture each time because if they don't she's almost ALWAYS on the wrong meds for it. So she gets on the right meds, takes them all (even will go a lil longer) and will be good for a month or so and then another one will come. I can take her to another urologist but I'm not sure they can help, as we did see many regularly for years - none ever gave us a solution.

When she was 4 they did notice her bladder was huge, so we tried to shrink it some by getting her to urinate every two hours. She also didn't have the sensation to pee until she was peeing (and is pretty much like that even now), so she has to just try to pee when she passes a bathroom just to be sure. Maybe that is part of the problem, she doesn't feel like she has to pee so she holds it a really long time without realizing it... ?

Anyway, this is a problem. She is a teenager and when she has an infection she can smell a bit and it drives her crazy, never mind the back pain she now gets as her only symptom. This tells me the UTI gets so far along that it makes her kidneys hurt before we know she has another infection. She's used prophylactics before and if I remember correctly it worked OK for her. So after this treatment for the UTI we will try that again.

Any thoughts? Experiences? We did meet a girl her age once at a urologist and she had the SAME history and nothing was ever found. It's so weird, there has to be something we can do.

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