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[QUOTE=megss;3583685]Ok, here is my situation.
I had a baby 8.5 months ago. During my pregnancy, I had 3 UTI's. I used to get chronic UTI's as a child, but as soon as I hit my teen years, they pretty much went away.
So about a month ago I suddenly got this horrible stomach ache on my right side. It was low down too, right above my hip bone. I actually passed out in my boss's office right after asking her if she had any Bepto Bismal, thinking it might be indigestion or gas or something. After hours and hours and trying everything under the sun to make it go away, I went to the ER. Apparently I had a kidney infection. My first ever. I was given an anti biotic of which I cannot remember the name, and a few days later I started having flank pain. I started feeling worse. Flank pain, nausea, complete exhaustion. I basically felt like I was pregnant again. I was put on a different antibiotic and within 24 hours I felt a lot better.
Today, a month or more later, out of nowhere the flank pain came back, and it is reaching around to my stomach, in the same exact spot that it hurt before. I also just feel "blah" if that makes sense. Kind of grosse....nausea, but not as bad as before. I think it is back. What is weird about this situation is that I never had burning or frequency, I just felt completely sick.
So I am wondering if the infection never went away from before, or if maybe I am going to start getting chronic kidney infections. I know having a baby can really change your body and offset things. A friend of mine gets a UTI every is a cycle thing. Maybe that is the case for me now. I am also so confused because of the lack of burning/ frequency. In the ER they said there was blood but I never could see any, so I am sure it was just a trace.
Has anyone has a similar situation? Maybe similar symptoms?[/QUOTE]Sounds to me like you have a kidney stone lodged in your ureter. You probably won't feel burning when you try to urinate until the stone passes from the ureter, through your bladder and obstructs your urethra. But you probably won't want to wait around for that. If you've not yet had an x-ray, ask your urologist to order one - if the x-ray is negative, ask for a CT-scan, as not all kidney stones form from calcium (and thus wouldn't appear on an x-ray image).

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