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It all started on a sunday night I felt some urgency, the feeling I get with a UTI. I ignored it b/c the last time I had a UTI there was some blood in my urine. I felt fine that night and the next day.. so I thought that I was okay. I woke up on the second day after feeling the urgency and got into the shower and was feeling fine. By the time I got out I felt the urge to go to the washroom, and I noticed I was bleeding and it was painful. I went to the ER and gave a sample to be checked for UTI, which was only an hour after I had seen a small amount of blood. My urine sample was now pure clotted blood and I filled the urine sample cup. I had massive spasms in my side and felt sick to my stomach. The doc gave me nuro- somthing to cure what she thought was an infection. The blood lasted for about 12 hours then disapated. I felt extremly fatigued and sick the following week. I have now goven my doc 3 urine sample for micoscopic testing, and they have all come back with high blood count and negative for pregnancy or infection. I am also one month last for my menses which I always get the same time every month. The doc thinks I may have stones, but I haven't had any pain in my side for a week, it is mostly in my upper abdominal area, almost like a bulging feeling?? I have an ultra-sound next week to see if I have stones, but what my concern is, from reading other peoples stories is, the sample I gave was pure blood with clots. Is this a normal finding of kidney stones?? I haven't a fam history of kidney stones either... could someone shine some light on this for me, I have been going nuts!!!!!!

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