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Ok so I've been having this problem for quite some time. Basically everytime I drink alcohol (beer) I feel the need to urinate. I can drink the first one fine but the second one I can take 3 pee's by the end of my pint. Basically what happens is that I just constantly need to pee. And when I do pee its not just a tipple but a full on pee I mean like excreting for a good 30 or so seconds. When I'm not drinking I'm perfectly OK but as soon as I start drinking alcohol it begins.

Another problem I'm having is that my anus gets very itchy also. I know this is a common sign of worm infection but I've tried two medications so far and it still occurs. I've tried a liquid and tablets and still the itchy anus occurs. During the day its fine in work or whatever but as soon as I lay down to sleep it gets worse and worse and usually one big scratch will sort it out.

Also I've noticed from time to time that after I have a poop and wipe my butt there is a trace amount of blood residue on the tissue as in a very very small amount barely visible but definitely red.

Anyone any suggestions?

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