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Re: Turp
Jan 14, 2009
Seacapp, wow, I just found this forum.
I went through a simple situation as you. I over did it.
I had turbt/turp surgery on Nov 6 2008. I was found to have bladder cancer and the said that the procedure to remove the tumor was the same as a turp so while he was at it both were done. Had a catheter for 5 days. It got clogged the next day, so we had to go to the e.r to have it irrigated. The e.r gave us kit to irrigate ourselves if it happened again. 9 days later, I to over did it. The next morning I woke up and had trouble urinating and it was full of blood. Finally went to the e.r. While waiting to be seen, I kept going to the men's room and finally a very large clot came out. At the same time, the e.r doc was ready to see me. Because I started to urinate ok he told me to go home and drink plenty of liquids. 4 hours later, I was back to the e.r. They put a catheter in to flush my bladder for 1 hour. There was still blood so the doc recommended I go home with the catheter but the one they put in was not the same one that I had to go home with. The nurse pull out the first on and could not put the 2nd one in. She had to call another nurse to try and thankfully she finally got it. OUCH.
By the following Tuesday, it kept getting clogged with tissue and blood clots every hour. The urologist took out the catheter the next day. I had blood in my urine for at least another week and its been clear since then.
I just finish 6 week of treatment for the bladder cancer which meant I had to get a catheter every week so that they could but this chemo like stuff in my bladder.
The good news!!!! boy could I pee good now. I almost have to hold on it comes out so hard.

Sex??? I'm afraid. Will it explode?? Will it hurt??? What about this retro ejaculation I read about. Is this the way it is for every one.

Sorry for the long post,
Re: Turp
Jan 26, 2009
Lenny, Thanks for your reply. Your responses always calm me and give me hope that one day I will feel normal again. Today I am 3 weeks post op. I will go back to work next Monday. Am taking it easy. Since taking the sulfur antibiotic, I feel a little less pain when urinating, but am still getting up every hour after 11pm. Tomorrow my urologist will probably suggest the detrol. Will keep you updated. You, have a great day!

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