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Inflamed urethra
Jan 15, 2009
Apologies for the length of this but detail is needed!

At the beginning of June I noticed that the very tip of my penis seemed to feel sore and irritated. I looked at it and it was red at the end and just inside my urethra. I left it a few days and it did not disappear. So I went to the doctors who told me to keep it moisturised. I was on roaccutane at the time for acne, and this drys out your skin immensely, so doctor thought it was linked (as this was within the first 2 weeks of being on it).

Throughout the summer the problem was still there. It did not hurt most of the time but usually a mild burning sensation after ejaculation. So I kept this to a minimum. I went to the doctors loads during my 4 month roaccutane course and they prescribed me hydrocortisone, fucibet and another steroid which i forget the name of. None of these did anything really. I was tested for a UTI in about August but was all ok.

I thought maybe that this problem would go soon after finishing with roaccutane, and the dermatologist believed it would. However a few months after, it was still there. Still uncomfortable to ejaculate. For a month or so it seemed to disappear (the inflammation still there slightly, but not as red) and it was comfortable to ejaculate again. Recently I have had a sore throat and some sinus pain and was given a week long course of doxycycline for it. It seemed to work, however (maybe coincidentally) I noticed that it began to hurt when ejaculating again, after about 3 days of being on the tablets. It's quite uncomfortable for a long time afterwards.

I had a hospital appointment yesterday with the dermatologist who dealt with me whilst on roaccutane, which was booked last year after I contacted the drug manufacturer about this problem. She took a swab of inside my urethra and said that it would take about a week for results back and she can provide some specific treatment. She mentioned it might be a bacterial infection, and there is a condition which is common in this area of skin apparently?

I have only had one sexual encounter in the past year or so, I received oral sex in July, when this condition was already there, and so unlikely to be an STD. I notice that I do have some lower back pain, which comes and goes every now and then, and comes on at night when I lay down in bed. I notice also that there is a strange burning sensation which is not quite in my rear, but feels like it maybe is. I have been reading up and came across prostatitis, and wondered whether these symptoms might point to this?

Anyway sorry for the length of this, but I would be very grateful for any information as I am only 21 and at University and this is becoming very irritating!

Thank you.

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