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I've posted about my problem on a few boards, but maybe someone can give me some advice here. I really don't know what to do about my problem, or what my next step should be.

The problem started nine days ago when I suddenly noticed a huge increase in my urges to urinate. On average, I have to go once an hour, but more disturbing, I never really feel the urge. I always feel a faint sensation in my penis or bladder. It bothers me a lot and I can't stop worrying about.

I went to my family doc on Monday. Urine test did not show anything. He ordered a urine color, but they never called me so I assume it was clear too. He gave me a 5 day supply of Cipro, and now I am out of it.

My symptoms are:

frequent urge to urinate
no problems starting the stream
no dribbling
normal urine color
pressure sensations in my pelvis, back, penis, and testicles
weakness and nausea
no burning sensations

The weakness and nausea have been gone since Monday, thank goodness, but the constant sensations are really depressing me and causing me great fear.

I have no health insurance right now so I can't agressively pursue medical testing. I need to find out what is causing my problem though so I can stop the worrying. What would you do in my situation? Thanks!

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