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Re: NSU problem
May 1, 2009
Hi Ukengland

I got out of hospital recently after surgery and while googling information came accross your post which set certain alarm bells ringing in my mind as some aspects of it are very familiar.

Like you I have a history of so-called NSU. My problems started way back in 2001 and after passing blood in my urine one morning I went to a local Genito Urinary Medicine clinic in my local city. They tested me for chlamidia, gonorrheoa and gave me antibiotics for 1 week. When I went back for the results I was told i was negative for both chlamidyia and gonorrheoa and that I had NSU. I was then referred for a kidney scan which showed no kidney stones so all was fine.

The antibiotics helped for a time but after a while I noticed a white frothy discharge and burning after urinating. I went back to the clinic. I was retested for chlamidya, gonorheoa again and given antibiotics. The pills helped. Again tests came back negative.

A while later... you guessed it.. the discharge and burning came back... I went back to the clinic and they ran the usual tests again and this time ran a chlamidyia antibody test to be sure. I was given antibiotics and when the results came back normal again they referred me to a urologist for a cystoscopy to check out my bladder. That was successful and found absolutely nothing. The chlamidyia antibody test showed no antibodies either.

Again... after maybe 6 months to a year the discharge and burning returned and I returned to the GUM clinic. They ran normal tests, gave me 2 weeks antibiotics and when I returned I was told that all the tests were normal. No gonorheoa, no chlamidyia, no infection at all that they could find. I was told I had a "sterile urethritis" that wasn't caused by any infection. They said the only abnormal finding was that everytime they tested me I had inflammation cells. They could do nothing about the discharge and I should stop worrying about it and could I please stop going in and wasting their time.

After that, despite feeling that things weren't right, I let the issue go. And things were stable for about 3 years. Then one morning towards the end of 2006 I woke up to find I couldn't pee at all. Not even a dribble. After a few hours of trying I went to casualty and after extensive tests and numerous failed attempts to catheterise me we discovered I had a urethral stricture (a severe narrowing) deep inside me near my prostate. What had happened was that I probably had scar tissue growing inside me slowly for years and, as it had been gradual, I hadn't noticed the growing weakness of my stream. The only reason the stricture had been found, and why I had gone into acute urinary retention, was because I had got severely constipated and that had resulted in a narrowed urethra becoming completely blocked. Until that point I didn't even know strictures were a possibility.

I ended up having a urethrotomy 2 years ago to cut through the narrowing but that failed and the stricture came back. Recently I had a urethroplasty where they cut the entire narrowed area out and sowed the two ends together. So far so good but its early days.

You may wonder why I have told you all this but its simply the fact you keep going back and them finding no cause for your problems that has set alarm bells ringing to me. That is so familiar. I gave up despite knowing things weren't right. Strictures are uncommon but is something to keep aware of. Is it possible your urine flow has reduced significantly during this time? If so consider the possibility of a stricture.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you get answers and treatment to stop your problems whatever the cause.


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