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I started a thread a few days ago which has been ignored, I could really do with some advice from people who have been through this? Or general tips.

Last Thursday I had mild symptoms of a UTI, so took a sample to the docs and they told me I had a UTI, but there was not an overwhelming amount of bacteria, and put me on a 7 day course of trimethoprim. Over the weekend I felt like I was getting better but since Monday the initial mild symptoms came back (let me stress I am not in agony, I have had a UTI before and was doubled up in paid, blood in urine etc). So I went back to the doctors today, tested a sample and said it was negative for bacteria but I have been put on cefalexin for 7 days to see how things go, have taken two tablets and still am getting no improvement.

My symptoms are the following:

-feeling the urge to urinate but not being able to pass a lot at one time, however not urinating frequently.

-Not quite burning but certainly a warmth when I pass urine.

-constant lower abdominal pain, a bit like menstrual cramp

-general ache down there, feeling uncomfortable when I sit down on a hard chair for example

-My urine appears to have little things floating in it, not sure what it is.

-Loose stools but I'm putting this down to the antibiotics

I am really concerned that it's not clearing up with antibiotics but could it just be inflamed? I don't want an ongoing problem

Please, any advice or tips

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