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I was going to have one of these done earlier this month. I went through dilation, self-dilation and pre-op meeting, cardiologist, hematologist etc. (I am taking coumadin because of APS and a PE). They gave me the porno-haircut and I came out looking like I got a transplant from a smurf. That's when the uro surgeon told me that when he got down to business it looked like someone had already tried it! Mom doesn't remember any such thing and neither do I. He said it looked different than the other skin of the urethra. He wasn't prepared for the extent of work he would have to go to to fix it and hadn't discussed it with me, so he just dilated it and sewed me back up. He also cited my "poor" health and complicatioins: I've had a bilateral DBS with two IPG's (for Parkinson's disease)and a pacemaker implanted (my heartbeat was in upper 30's to lower 40's) and I take Coumadin for a blood thinner. I had a pulmonary embolism earlier this year. I don't feel so decrepit for a 65 yr old male. I got so tired of dribbling and straining to pee. My regular urologist wondered how I passed any urine at all. He dilated me with tubes but 6 wks later it was back down to a weak stream and getting worse. The next possiblity is a two-stage buccal mucosa open urethroplasty. I am a little intimidated by the length of recovery time, time between stages and his comments about my poor health, but I am inclined to get 'er done. Any comments or suggestions? vigwig aka viggune

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