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it could be a uti without any other symtoms, but likely it is just irritation of your urinary tract. Try drinking as much water as you can force down for a few days (like two liters a day if you can) and that should help. Anti-inflammitory meds (ibu profen OR Aleve or something like that) should help you if it's just pain, and if it's burning or itching, try drinking a teaspoon of baking soda in water. It'll fizz up and tastes bad but absolutely gets rid of it.

Definitely keep an eye on it and go to you doctor RIGHT AWAY if it seems like a UTI. You seem familiar with them so I'll just tell you that if you have had one or more in the past, it can irritate your bladder and urinary tract for a long time and cause these symptoms. There's something callled cystitis or something like that which is the inflamation I'm talking about; you'll find it easily if you search your symptoms. Hope it's nothing serious!

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