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I'm 21 and for the past year have had a slightly inflamed red tip of my penis. It started when I began to take roaccutane tablets for my acne (the tablets worked brilliantly for this). For the first few months it hurt slightly after I ejaculated. Around Christmas time it seemed to be ok, but it flared up again and this time I had a burning pain around what I later found out was my prostate. This happened almost every time after I ejaculated and was very uncomfortable. Also I began to experience pain in my lower back almost every night when I laid down.

I was told I might have chronic prostatitis and given norfloxacin for 6 weeks, which seemed to make it worse at the time, but after I had finished the course it did feel more comfortable. The urologist then told me that the redness is usually the last symptom to disappear and reassured me that it would go.

I was given levofloxacin for 3 weeks to kill off any remaining infection. For a few weeks it felt ok, didnt hurt when I ejaculated. For the past few months however I am experiencing a slight dribbling after I finish urinating. I wouldnt even call it dribbling to be honest, just a bit of wetness which I have to dab. But I never used to get this. After it flared up again I went back and was given some cream and had an ultrasound of my urinary tract booked. I had this last week and my bladder is fine, but they found a kidney stone in my right kidney. I have to have a blood test and urine test for this next week sometime. I was just wondering could this kidney stone be the cause of all these problems?

The current symptoms are:
- persistent redness at very tip of penis
- some discomfort around perineum area after ejaculation (sometimes)
- slight dribbling after urination
- some lower back pain from time to time

I would be really grateful for any information anyone might have. Thank you!

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