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Hi :wave:sorry to hear of your problemsi,d like to tell of my experance with this if i may
I had a uti so i was put on antibiotics but i still could not pass water after three nights of pain ,so i had to return to the a+e where they tried to insert a urethral catheter without success,they then had to insert a superpubic catheter which i had in place for 3 months ,i had to get this changed at 2 months as they can get blocked,it came out without any pain but when they were putting in the replacement i got sharp shooting pains from my bladder down into my urethra
From then on with this new superpubic i was on a flipflow (like a tap so you empty your bladder when you feel full)near the end of voiding i got sharp pains up into the bladder from my urethra,so i started takeing 2 different types of bladder relaxing drugs to no avail:( also i was advised to leave it on a bag and open all the time )
But i got shooting pains all day and had to go back to the flipflow and void till i felt the pain start to come on ,then stop and try to fully empty my bladder about 20mins later ,which i could do most of the time ,i felt it is just the bladder getting feed up haveing a forign object in it ,because i stopped takeing the bladder drugs after a week as they were useless,
ok so atm i had Cystoscopy which found i had Urethral stricture(approx 2cm from tip of urethra) then then attemped to take a x-ray to find out where abouts it(the stricture) started and the dye would not go up into me or down thru the bladder via my superpubic cath
I was then booked in for a urethrotomy,which went well i believe ,i was allowed home afer a few days with a urethral cath which i was told i had to have in place for 2 weeks (the doc said i was faily closed in a few places ,mainly around the prostate)anyhow when i went back(to get cath removed),there was no pain getting the cath out ,and i have just had my 2month checkup no pains and everything seems ok any pains i had after op have disappered,the only thing is i have to self cath every day ,but at least i know i am open that way ,the doc said hopefully after next appionment(4months away) i might be able to cath less often,sry for so much text and any poor grammer as i dont often use forums and such
its nice to be able to relate to other people in the same boat and sry i have no idea of any good ppl to go to in england as i,m from ireland sry

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