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Did the ultrasound state why your bladder isn't emptying properly? If not, you need further evaluation. Request an IVP, it'll tell alot more.

The chronic UTI's with cause chronic infectious cystitis of your bladder making it irritated. Hurting in your lower right side, I'd be concerned as to whether your ureter or kidney is involved. When your urine is being blocked, that infection can back up into your kidney.

There are different possibilities, here's a few I can think of:
bladder or renal tumor blocking your urine flow
kidney, ureter, and/or bladder stones
prolapse of bladder, uterus, or cervix
uterine fibroids
ureter narrowing
vesicoureteral reflux

If you have trouble emptying even when the UTI isn't occuring (that happens to me also with UTI's and variates with frequency) I'd guess something else is causing that problem. And what you need to do is find out why. This can cause hydronephrosis of your kidneys and possibly cause long-term consiquences. Your doctors aren't going to know this is happening unless they CT scan you every so often to see, but it could show up in one CT and then not in another (it comes and goes). Maybe your pain is coming from hydronephrosis from the fact your urination isn't emptying properly.

I had uterine fibroids partially blocking my urine and a prolapsed uterus, cervix, and bladder, and my uterus was pressing on my bladder changing its form. I was developing hydronephrosis from this and the later on renal stones I developed. Everything's been fixed but my left kidney never did stop 100% hurting. Doctors would laugh at me if I told them that though. One other cause I have as it still occurs with me, and I also have hesitancy and slow stream, is urethal stricture, keep in mind urinary tract infections indead cause this. You would need evaluation and treatment from a urologist for this. Likely only a cystoscopy is going to tell if that is the problem and the only way of treating it that I know of.

That would also be a great way of finding out why you are retaining urine. That can lead into a dangerous problem. Do not let your doctor by with not telling you why it is happening.

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