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[QUOTE=DerbyCityGirl;4203270] I have no signs of infection, just the pain.[/QUOTE]

If it's not an infection what's left? I'm thinking perhaps it could be inflammation. There's a name for it but I can't remember. Darn!

Well, I can try to describe it. It's inflammation that affects arteries and it can be almost anywhere in the body. In some people it affects their brain. Others have it in their legs or hands. There's one name for the disease in general but several names to indicate where it is in the body. Does that make any sense?

It's difficult to get a diagnosis for some reason. You almost have to be looking for it and most doctors don't even think about it. What makes it difficult is that it can come and go. So you might have mild or severe symptoms for a period of time and then be symptom-free for months or even years. And it can strike a person at any age.

If it's suspected, the only way to be absolutely positive is to do a biopsy.

There's no cure for this mystery disease. You can only be in remission. There are medications to ease the pain but those who suffer from it say that the side effects are worse than the disease itself.

Sorry I can't remember the stupid name of it but I'll be able to post it on Monday or Tuesday. You might not even have this disease but at least it will be something that you can try to rule out.

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