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[QUOTE=srsgunter;4271901]I was told no lifting anything heavier than a milk jug. So, I am not even picking up my cat or the laundry basket.
I started taking stool softeners immediately. That has really helped . Almost too much! Ask your MD about that. Also, I drink lots of low cal/sugar free cranberry juice. Not sure if that is helping.
My biggest complaint is my leg/thigh pain. Its awful! I am used to working out (with a trainer ) everyday. Maybe its all the sitting I have been doing for the past week.
I am one week post op and really want to "get back to life".
Have you been "taking it easy " for 6 weeks? And really, what does that mean? I am anxious to go back to the gym.[/QUOTE]

It's been 5 weeks (yest) since surgery. I didn't have any leg pain, so I can't relate to that. :( I had some tenderness on the R, above the pubic bone area; it was VERY intermittent and is subsiding.

I got my appt right after lunch, but didn't inquire about a stool softener. I will use one tho. I am a water drinker, so that is not an issue to keep up with that. Anyway, I went to the appt very worried, relayed my concern that I must've wrecked the surgery effort. After checking he said that things are OK. So, that part is good, but he said that the bladder would slip down with straining to have a BM, for example. He did say I could lift things, but not like, 40 LBS repetitively, but to make sure that I tightened up the pelvic area when I do. So, I can go heavier than a gallon of milk, but I will judge how it feels, tightening the pelvic floor area first, then attempting any activity.

That bummed me. I thought I would have NO bulging at all...guess that is the mesh route to take.

When the catheter was removed, I was told to NOT do anything & wistfully asked about light gardening; the nurse said not to, & let others do the gardening!" BUT, of course, NEEDING to get out (it's summer after all, Geeze), I did venture into the garden and do some, just did not use the abdominals much. Doesn't that sound weird?, but that's what I tried. I did this after 3.5 weeks of basically sitting around.

Walking was recommended, and I started before 1 week was up, going easy, and not at my usual quick pace. Shortly thereafter, the vaginal sutures were noticable. They were an annoyance and poked, but then I moved around and it was hardly noticable.....I could deal.

I don't go to a gym, just a little jealous here....LOL, so I don't know about that! That would be great if a PT is available that knows what we need for recovery and allowing you to do other things that don't use the abdominals much for a while.

So, yeah, the less I do, in the carrying-things dept, the better.
Well, about the prolapse returning, IT was there, last night, bladder bulge....
hello. As I wrote in my post last night, I was very distraught. But it did retract back up better than before I had the surgery. :cool: Now, trying Kegels, now and then is easy, as the bladder isn't there to is hidden, up tight and out of sight!!

Bye for now, good luck. I will check back tomorrow eve. I watched lots of Gray's Anatomy, and played FreeCell, in addition to de-junking piles around me! I have been back to work since Monday.

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