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Hi Guys, i guess there is many in the same boat as myself here :mad:

anyway ive been experiencing frequent urination for the past 5 months, symptoms started by chlamydia and urethritis, amazingly they wont let me see a urologist, they just seem/hope to think this will go on its own in time, well f*****g 5 months and it shows no sign of stopping (excuse my language) but the GP doctors are a waste of time im thinking of going private to get things done quicker !

below is a timeline of all the events and when they have happened.

Timeline of Events for Frequent Urination and irritated urethra
SYMPTOMS - physically feeling the urine in my urethra too quickly after returning from a toilet visit (this varies and could be 30,45 or 60 minutes) accompanied by a warm pressure type feeling in urethra and 2 brown patches/blotches at each side of the Urethra head.
October 2010 – Frequent Urination started

October 2010 – docs appointment, blood test done and Urine Test done, suspected water infection (not sure if i was checked for all UTIs so unsure as to whether i have a UTI and its been missed) Urine test clear, blood results show slightly abnormal kidneys, appointment made with nephrologist.

10 November 2010 – done test for Chlamydia

17 November 2010 – seen nephrologist, creatinine level high, advised to cut down protein and fluid intake. Urine checked and blood took, nothing found.

19 November 2010 – Chlamydia test positive, given 1g of azithromycin, next few hours and few days symptoms improved quite a bit then next few days the feeling of needing to urinate more and irritated urethra creep back in, symptoms are not as bad but still enough to make this very uncomfortable.

3 December – visit GUM clinic for checkup, Traces of urethritis found from a swab sample, given 5 days worth of metronidazole, 1g of zithro to take on the day and for a further 4 days 250mg of zithro a day.

8 December – Kidney Ultrasound done.

30 December – re-visit GUM clinic as symptoms still persist, had another swab example took to check for traces of urethritis and none found, also did a urine sample to retest for Chlamydia.

6 January – Chlamydia Test NEGATIVE.

12 January – visit Doctors again, given same course of Metronidazole for 5 days to take which had no Improvement, Results of Kidney Ultrasound were fine, no problems.

7 February – seen Nephrologist again, told him im still having the same symptoms, he seems a bit puzzled as my tests don’t look bad.. i asked him if having Chlamydia at the time i did if it would have interfered with the blood test result and he answered “YES, but it wouldn’t affect your kidneys like this” told him i had cut the protein down and fluid intake to a maximum of 2 litres and minimum of 1 Litre a day and still i have symptoms. Urine checked again for possible UTIs which was clear, blood took again and nothing on those results. He said to me to come back in 3 months.

10 February – Visit Doctors again, at this time my symptoms are not as heavy as they were but still very bothersome and irritating, given sheets for OVERACTIVE BLADDER and 1 week of Doxycycline (which i haven’t took yet), also advised to keep a urinary frequency log for 2 weeks which i have done.

25 February - GP made a suggestion these things can sometimes go on there own, i simply refuse to believe him without finding the cause of this, have to wait for a letter back from nephro to confirm what happened in the appointment and why he is bringing me back after 3 months and see what happens (seems far too long which only inidcates its a follow up appointment) bt GP claims they could be testing other stuff.....errrrrrr in 3 months sorry what exactly are they testing????? they have none of my samples to test on !!!!! last samples i gave have been checked and nothing found.

i'll be seeing the doc again next week if i can get the hospital to send the letter over but either way im not sitting on an NHS waiting list for months to see a specialist who doesnt specialize in bladder/urinary symptoms !

i'll be asking for a referral letter to see a private specialist,if they say no i'll just go to a private GP instead and get referred !

anyone else had problems like this?

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