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So yesterday morning I woke up with UTI-like symptoms.
-Painful urination
-Increased frequency
-Decreased production
-Blood (comes after I finish urinating)
-Constant urethra pain (goes away if I take ibuprophen)

Last time I had a UTI it was about 8 years ago. I don't feel the same fatigue that I did last time, also have no cramping anywhere, no fever, no foul-smelling urine. Oh, and I don't have the feeling that I still have to pee after I've finished.

These symptoms presented about 3 weeks ago, then cleared up over a weekend. I'd made an appointment to see the doctor, but cancelled it because everything was gone. No blood or pain, urination returned to normal.

I know that I don't drink enough water and since that last bout 3 weeks ago I've been trying to work on that. I've also started drinking cranberry juice (not cocktails or mixes).

I'd have to say that the symptoms are worse in the morning and get better gradually over the day. That's how it was last time, and it's following the same path this weekend.

I also have to ask, even though I really don't want to -- could this be caused by my husband being too rough with me when we're intimate? Sometimes he rubs me the wrong way lol. The last time I had these symptoms we'd been intimate as well. Could it be that he caused some inflammation?

After some other symptoms popped up (thick, white vaginal discharge with no smell and itching) and my bladder/urethra symptoms never got worse, I decided to go to the clinic.

Turns out I have cytolytic vaginosis, which can cause symptoms like a UTI or yeast infection. So the overgrowth of lactobacilli was causing the itching and also burning in my urethra.

Just wanted to put this out there; maybe it will help someone else.

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