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Hi Guys,

I'm 25 and I've had this problem for about 8 years or so and doctors either keep telling me to accept it or one even told that I'm 'obsessed with my penis', although that coment was made by a new doctor who has a negative reputation.

Basically I need to go to pee at least 3,4, 5 times an hour, and on top of that my bladder only has a few sceonds of relief before I get that strong urge to pee again. I suffer from a lot of discomfort around the abdomen as a result, which makes it difficult to bend down sometimes. Sitting down sometimes is a great discomfort. I also get some discomfort around the perenial area (I hope I've spelt that correctly) when I play sports, or walk for a long period, when I have the energy to do so. All of it is making me become incresingly lafargic (again apologies if I have incorrectly spelled) and I often go to bed early because of the discomfort - lying down eases the discomfort and I have no trouble sleeping.

The pee stream is always quite weak, and often very little when I go as soon as I get that 'feeling'. Soemtimes when I leave it for long period of time (say a couple of hours) I find it very difficult yo start, and when I do I have to really concentrate to keep it going. This also leads do great disconfort around my abdomen.

All of this is also having major affect on my sex life as, although I don't suffer from erectile dysfunction, that feeling of needing to pee remains and it's difficult to get any satisfaction and sometimes a complete erection. Often when I ejaculate it also sometimes feels like I'm peeing. Discomfort around the perenial also sometimes occurs, mainly afterwards.

So yeah, this problem has been running my life for 8 years. I've had tests for UTI's sveeral times - all clear. Had a blood test - all clear. Been to a sexual helath clinic - all tests clear. I visted a urologist years ago when thiis all started happening, and he told me to take some relaxation classes. At that time I couldn't manage to do a urine flow test as I was a very shy teenager back then. But I haven't been allowed to see a urologist since because they consider my case a 'waste of time'.

I have been prescribed a type of anti-depressant medication for this during the 8 years, unfortunately I don't recall the name of it. It helped lessen the need to around once an hour, which is great for me, but often made me feel ill whilst playing sports, which is reason why I stopped taking it whilst I was at University. I often stuck up with the disomfort whilst I played sports, which often lead to greater disconfort around the abdomen and perenial later.

I'm not sure whether I've mentioned everything as all of this is just normal for me right now.

I'm hopefully having an abdominal scan at some point. (I haven't received confirmation of this yet)

I know other people have suffered from similar probelms to this. What do people reccomend? What tests? Drugs?

I've accepted this for far too long, it's time to so something about it.

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