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Re: Chronic UTI
Jul 21, 2011
Hi Neighbor,
Happy Heat!!

I started UTI's 3 years ago. Once every year and then I have a hard time getting rid of them, but they eventually go away until the next year. I wonder where I'm picking them up, and asked the doc. He said that as we age, our resistence lowers and it's easier to get them.

I had no side effects with Cipro at all. But as soon as I stopped the medicine, the symptoms came back. Second urine culture still showed infection, so I was then put on Bactrim. Took all the medicine and then went back to doc and told him that as soon as I'm off the meds, it comes back (back ache and frequent dark urine, and nausea). He then told me about the bladder needing further medicine and put me back on more Bactrim, only 1 per day instead of 2 to try and heal the bladder. It does cause nausea, but I eat when I take it and if I do get nausea, I try and eat something to overcome it. I've never taken maintenance drugs before, and I hope that I don't have to. Hopefully after this dose, I will be better!!

I know all about life style changes. I'm scared to go swimming, hot tub, pool, etc.. because I do not know how I'm getting this. Plus, I've been told by doc to stay away from soft drinks (the worse things you can drink) and caffeine. He said to drink water or lemonade. Hopefully this time I can get back to normal. Keep drinking that WATER to cleanse that bladder!!!!
Keep cool.

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