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For several months (around 9-11 months) I've been having pelvic and genital pain and discomfort.
My symptoms:
- I have pain in my lower abdomen. This has been kind of a dull achy pain.
- A pain and/or pressure in my perineum area. This will flare up a lot when I'm aroused/erect and/or masturbating, the pain will start in my perineum and kind of shoot up to an area that feels like it's behind my testicles.
- Pain in my urethra, this is mostly towards the end of my penis, and sometimes it feels like a pressure like something is in there, sometimes it's a sharp twinging pain, and sometimes it even feels slightly itchy. There has been times when this has been inflamed after I had ejaculated, but that hasn't seemed to have happened lately unless I urinated shortly afterwards.
-If I urinate shortly after I have ejaculated, I'll have stinging/burning pain in my urethra and will feel the need to urinate even if my bladder is empty. It's extremely uncomfortable and will last about a half an hour. This has happened a couple times on it's own without being after I have ejaculated, but it's only happened like 2 or 3 times over several months. Also, when I look at my urethral opening, it looks to me like there is swelling of the meatus lips.
- A stiffness and rigidity of the shaft of my penis.
-Under my skin of my penis, I feel like the veins are enlarged more than they normally should be. This is only noticeable when I am flaccid.
-There's a dull achy pain in my testicles sometimes.
-Along with a general soreness around the base of my penis, I get this sharp pain there (on the top right side) when i flex my urethral sphincter.
-I sometimes have shooting pains in my rectum.

About 4 or 5 months ago I went to a clinic and got my blood and urine tested. The doctor said the results of my urinalysis showed calcium crystals and blood, and that probably meant a kidney stone and that I should get an ultrasound. So I got the ultrasound and the imaging center concluded that I had a stone in my left ureter, so the doctor told me that's what I had. To deal with this I had to get with this medical insurance program in the county I live in. So after jumping through the hoops there, I eventually got to see a urologist and he told me that ultrasounds aren't a conclusive diagnosis with kidney stones, so I got a CT of my kidneys/ureters/bladder, and an x-ray of my pelvic area. He also said that a lot of the symptoms I was describing sounded like prostatitis, so he gave me a prostate exam and he didn't find any irregularities I presume. He prescribed me an antibiotic (ciprofloxacin. I took it for 14 days) and an anti-inflammatory (naproxen) to deal with that. The drugs had no noticeable effect on me. He told me all my scans were clean and that he couldn't find anything wrong with me, whether in my blood/urine tests, or the scans. I tried telling him all the symptoms I can think of, but he said he there was no indication of what the source of the problem was, and he told me that it could be caused by muscle problems in my pelvis and there's not much of a solution to muscle problems except warm baths and maybe the anti-inflammatories (although that still wasn't helping.) I don't know if that's the issue, I know I sit a lot throughout the day, so I guess that might cause pelvic muscle problems, but it seems like all too much to just be that.

So, I'm pretty much having all the same symptoms I started out with and it has gotten worse if anything has changed, and I have no diagnosis. If anyone has any suggestions on what I should do, or maybe some alternate theories on what the problem might be, I'd really appreciate it, this has been causing a lot of anxiety for me.

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