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"It started early february 2011, i had protected sex and am sure the condom didnt leak.i had a lot of drinks that weekend and maybe didnt have a enough water. 4 days later i started experiencing severe burning sensation and discomfort in my penis - the head, probably the urethra line under the penis. this went on and was later accompanied with anal itch, just the surface of my anus. i thought it was an STI but the result came out negative. i took pefloxacin, doxycicline and flagyl for 2 weeks which sort of reduced the burn but the discomfort was still there. when i stopped the medication, the symptoms all came back. i went for urine mcs where i was told i had UTI, kleb spp and was also given prescription.i took zinnat, but after a while the symptoms persisted. i went for another urine mcs which then stated that there isnt bacteria in urine,and during this period, the same symptoms persisted.since then i have taken zinnat, cefixime,doxy again,bactrim,cipro,vitapro all to no avail.the last mcs i went for showed the precence of streptococcus.till date i still have the same symptoms and it comes on and off.sometime in april i started having swollen nymph gland in my groin.just two - at both sides and they eventually cleared up. there was a time i also had frequent urination- 2 mins range and i will have the urgent need to urinate but nothing comes out with pelvic pressure/pain.That also cleared up, it didnt last more than 15 days. but the pepperish/burning is still here in the 7th month. I am really scared, i have gone for HIV test twice and it came is killing me.please help me"

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