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Urethra pain - male
Sep 22, 2011
40Yr old male with a long history of off and on prostatitis. Two and a half weeks ago I suffered a punch to the testes and penis during a "friendly" football game. I immediately iced the area and carefully went to the toilet and urinated. Urine didn't burn and the penis felt a little sore but all seemed fairly well. I am now concerned that perhaps some damage was sustained but i wanted other opinions on that. My current symptoms did not begin until 2-3 days after the incident. I began to feel quick sharp pains from the urethra towards the tip of the penis during urination. I also began suffering burning like sensations for a while after each urination. Ejaculation causes a similar burn. My urine stream is normal. There is no blood. I dropped of urine for bacterial analysis today. Assuming that comes back negative...

Could this be a normal reaction to the trauma, and I can expect it to resolve soon?
Is it likely that the trauma has caused urethral inflammation or stirred up another episode of prostatitis?
Or am I likely looking at something for long term like a possible stricture? how rare are strictures?

I was born with a fairly narrow urethra and I am deathly afraid of a catheter or cystoscope. I am afraid of the process AND the potential for damage to my narrow urethra.

If this continues, what are my other options for evaluation? Xray? Ultrasound?

Any other suggestions? I have read that a bath with diluted tea tree oil might be a good idea.


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