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I am a 36 year old male. I do not consider myself in bad physical condition. I regularly exercise and have my weight in the acceptable range.

For about a year I would have to "shake things" up a little to get rid of the last few drops after i peed. I considered that to be a normal aging symptom. I would often also get a slight discomfort while urinating, sort of like i was passing something non-liquidy or scratchy when peeing but inspecting the actual urine never revealed anything. This would come and go so i thought it was due to a mild temporary infection.

For about 6-8 weeks however, i have this constant urge to urinate. That scratchy feeling while peeing is also there more often than it used to be. I do not have to wake up at night but when i go to sleep, the urge to pee is there and when i wake up, the urge is still strongly there and stays there the whole day irrespective of how many times i go (sometimes 10-12). I have forgotten the last time i peed and felt my bladder to be completely empty. I do not have a weak stream, i start off after some hesitation but then develop a normal flow. However, towards the end the flow subsides a little with a feeling that the bladder has not been completely emptied. Then i strain and strain to pee more. Sometimes i am successful, mostly i am not.

I saw a GP who thought i had a UTI and prescribed a week of Cipro. That didnt help at all. I got a urine analysis done and tested negative for any infections or WBCs.

I guessed it must be prostate related, so i went to a urologist who gave me a DRE and concluded that my prostate was "small and benign". He asked me to do a Postvoid residual urine test and prescribed Doxazosin (2mg before sleeping). I have been taking the doxazosin for 2 wks without any improvements in symptoms.

The PVR ultrasound showed about 60mL of residual urine. The radiologist told me it was little but not insignificant. I also feel bloated very often, not sure if its related with this condition.

I dont drink or smoke. Never have. I have stopped taking tea, coffee and and fizzy drinks since this problem started but i am seeing no improvement whatsoever.

Anyway, very distressed because of this situation. I wonder if there are others who have had similar symptoms and any success in getting treatment.

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