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So, I was having sex with this girl about a week ago. She was on top while we were going at it pretty hard, when she pulled off too high and my erect penis slammed into her. It hurt kinda bad at the time, but not enough for me to stop. Ive done this before with other girls but never that hard.

I was able to finish and everything seemed fairly normal/usual soreness in penis after rough vigorous sex; however, I started freaking out after like 24hrs because I had a very mild pain in my penis, mostly the urethra area. It almost feels like a tickling, and heightens slightly when I urinate. It is quite annoying. The tip of my penis and my urethra are quite tender. Although I think they have improved very gradually, day by day.

You know when you try to urinate after lots of sex and it feels kind of weird to pee and the urine at first sprays not quite in a totally direct stream? Thats what I'm experiencing.

At first I overlooked this possibility. I thought maybe she had given me an STD or STI. But given that I had this sensation merely hours after sexual intercourse I think that that possibility is extremely unlikely if not impossible. I was reading that the average incubation period for STDs is usually a minimum of 2 days.

I am beginning to think that her hitting my penis has caused some sort of swelling in the urethra that has led to maybe a "stricture". There is not really any visibile marks or bruises on my penis that look anything other than normal... basically, its just the tingling sensation and it being very tender. I feel the urge to pee much more frequently than normally, and when I do the pressure isn't that great and there is almost an itching/tingling sensation sometimes when I pee. I have masturbated like 3 times since the injury and everything seems to be working okay. My penis just seems very tender and sore, and when semen comes out it doesn't seem to have the velocity that it usually does.

Should I go see a urologist, or would it be wise to wait and see if the problem goes away with time?

I feel like if I see a urologist, he will just tell me what I've been researching all along, and tell me that it will ameliorate and fix itself in a week or so.

Mostly it is just extremely annoying, and there are obviously a lot of mental problems with this. For about a day I thought of the possibility that it might be inflated by anxiety or there was some sort of psychosomatic element to it.

Any help/stories/advice would be greatly appreciated.

As far as medical history goes- Im a healthy male in my mid 20s, I've never had any STDs STIs or UTIs or anything of that nature. I do have a spermatocoele in my left testicle (which hasn't been giving me much trouble lately), although, I dont think it would be related. I didn't use protection when having sex with her... that's about it I think.

Thanks Alot

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