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Help with symptom
Apr 11, 2012
Hi im new to this forum and im looking for some advice for this problem i have been having for a while.

Basically for about two years, every so often for about 1-2 weeks at a time, i have this sensation of having to urinate almost all the time, its doesn't feel urgent but it still feels like i have to pee a little.

It usually comes on gradually, ill urinate and then the feeling will come back about half an hour later, the time between urinating and the feeling coming back lessens to the points where its constant, this usually takes a few days. (i should note that if i do try and go when the feeling comes back, there isn't much urine).

i have considered it to be a UTI but iv heard that its almost impossible to get another within a short space of time (i had the feeling around three weeks ago and it has started up again around a week ago).

i have been the doctor several times about this, about a month ago i went back and had another urine test, but each test comes back as negative, i have booked another appointment and im going to try and get some other tests done.

iv googled it several times but the only result i usually find is kidney stones but i have none of the other symptoms relating to that, any advice would be much appreciated, thanks :)

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