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[QUOTE=myria579;4976696]Hi there,

I have posted many threads and replied on other peoples threads because I suffer from Recurring Chronic UTI's for over a year now.

I know how discouraging it is. I have seen over 10 general doctors and they all diagnosed me with cystitis UTI's and most of them even told me that I always get the infections because of sex.

They put me on 5 different antibiotics with NO LUCK! They always come back. They even prescribed antibiotics to take for 6 months straight and I was still getting them. IT'S RIDICULOUS!!!!!

I saw specialists, Gynecologists and Urologists. They did many blood tests, pap tests and the urologist didn't even bother looking into my problem as he thought I was a young woman that probably has too much sex and he insulted me by saying that I am too young to have complications.

I never gave up, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T GIVE UP!

I got another reference to see a second urologist and this one was wonderful and knew what he was talking about.

We finally found the problem!

LADIES, your recurring UTI's may be caused by a cyst that is situated in your URETHRA which causes all your complications. This condition is called Urethral Diverticulum. Read about it and try seeing if you can relate to this condition.

To get rid of the cyst the doctor most do surgery and cut the cyst off so it doesn't grow back!

If you feel like your URETHRA is blocked and if you notice that you have URETHRAL DISCHARGE such as puss and blood, please see another UROLOGIST until they physically examine you!!!

I am diagnosed with Urethral Diverticulum; the Urologist simply felt my URETRHA with his finger and noticed that I have a big lump inside.

I am thinking that other women out there may be suffering from the same condition and I truly hope that all of you find a solution to the problem as soon as possible!

I am now waiting on my operation date and I am pretty nervous and at the same time RELIEVED to know that all my problems will end after surgery is done!!!

I will keep you guys updated on how the surgery goes and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE seeing doctors until they find a solution.

Good luck to ALL of you that are suffering with the same problem that I have![/QUOTE]
Hi I'm 21 and I had the same thing. I've been having recurrent UTIs since age 15. However all my symptoms would be of UTI and urine came back clear. I was finally diagnosed this may after seeing doctors for years. I had my surgery two weeks ago. I had to wear a catheter with urine bag for two weeks post op but it wasn't as bad as the pain of the cyst. Glad it's over. Mine was large enough that she scraped it all off and my doctor is pretty confident it will not return. Good luck to all of you who are still suffering.
Please mention it to your doctor because for me it was just ruled out cause I was too young to have it (usually seen in women in 40s and 50s).

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