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Hi 24 year old male. So I have a small bladder to begin with like if i drink a can of pop or a beer ill pee 2 times per can most of the time and thats normal to me and im used to it. But the last week and a half 2 weeks I have been urinating way more then normal. Its not as hardcore as it was last week but im still going a lot more this week then last. Let me break it down for you

About 2 weeks ago it started off with me just waking up about 2-3 times and peeing but thats after I woke up for my first time like at 7am. So if I went to bed at 2am I would wake up at 7 and pee then 9 and pee then at 11 and pee then get up to pee once im up at like 1130 noon. I thought yeah maybe I have an infection coming on so I called doctor. Urine test came back clean so they did not give me any antibitoics. Went to another doctor for a second opinion and they said that I have a little inflammation and gave me cipro. The cipro did not work so I went back to the doctor and she treated me for an std that was not found in urine and gave me Metrodonazole and Arithomyozin and that didnt work either so the tried leveaquin. At first I thought it was working but then It seemed it started to make me pee more. Found out that my urine culture came back negative also.

Last wednesday I went to wisconsin and on wednesday night I had to go to the hospital cause I could not stop peeing for the life of me. Another urine test and negative. Got a little better over night once I was able to finally fall asleep. Dealt with it through thursday and friday was better also. But friday night the intensity came back and every 5 minutes I had to go. Called doc and she gave me doxycycline and on sunday I felt great!!! But then monday it came back so I went to the urologist. The urologist did a urine sample and I guess they look at it under the microscope while your waiting and said no white blood cells or anything were found and my urine was 100% clean. He then procedded to ask about my personal life and right when he asked I started crying hardcore. He told me it most likely was anxiety based or stress related and it built up my entire life and just hit me all of a sudden.

I felt fine after he told me that and didnt have the urge to urinate at all until my best friend and my girlfriend came over. For the last two weeks I have been thinking something was going on between them and they both talked to me for like 20 minutes and assured to me nothing is going on and my friend is just trying to be friendly since I am always with her and he just wants to get along with her. The fact that Im having to leave my child hood home since we are forced to sell it, my dad being a royal jerk and im like not in his life anymore is all making me feel like garbage and yeah. I just want this to go away and I just want to feel better.

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