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im 90% sure its something sexually transmitted, but ive been to doctors for the past 4 years and they all say its not an std of any kind. i got it a month or two? after having unprotected sex. first i felt a protruding pain in my right side by my rib that felt like someone is poking me 24/7 and i was never able to get comfortable in bed no matter how i layed, and the doctor said it was probably a 'floating rib', i cant really explain the pain, its more like discomfort but it still hurts. i know its something else but they did a bunch of different scans like sonograms and stuff and see nothing. it also was only on the right side at first but traveled to the left... thats how i know its not a floating rib too. the lymphnodes in my groin and on my throat are swollen. possibly under my arms and behind my knees too.. after ejaculating if i get erect again it feels like someone is trying to rip it off or bend it or something.. and the slightest touch on my testicles feels like someones smashing them with a hammer. thats only after i ejaculate. the discomfort in my urethra is there 24/7 but it gets ALOT worse after ejaculating. it makes it feel like glue is stuck in there or something.. really swollen. and the veins going to my testicles are really really swollen as well and very painful. it burns when i pee at first but the whole problem feels generally better a few minutes after. it realllly burns and hurts when i try to pee after ejaculating. and i have ALOT of extra skin like im uncircumcised after i ejaculate and get flaccid again... it looks like an old man all wrinkly. ive told all these to my doctor but he just shrugs off most of them im assuming cause he never seen what my penis looked like before so he cant know that theres something wrong with it,.. i can tell just by looking at it.. it looks wayyyyy different than normal, and its been like this for about 4 years now.. and theres a red rash type thing thats over the skin on my shaft right under the head, with white dots on it... the doctor said it can be a circumcision scar.... i told him it was never there untill i started getting these pains and i know there was no 'scar' there for the first 14 years of my life. i know its rude to say but i dont think he cares much anymore because its been sooo long, at first im 90% sure he just thought i was making it up to not go to school because i was like 14-15 when it first started.. now im 19. its really ruining my life and ive been depressed for the last couple of years. i also get up 3 maybe 4 times a night 5 out of 7 days of the week to go to the bathroom. its not like that always, but most of the time it is. and i went to a urologist and he put a camera in my penis or something.. and said its inflamed in there but nothing else is noticable really. i also have this protruding lump over my belly button if i just lean back a tiny bit and it kind of hurts. and under my belly button i get this weird pinching feeling pretty often after i urinate. and as im urinating it feels like someone is squeezing my bladder like a sponge to get the water out or something... and right at the last second of urinating i get a sharp pain sometimes. i also get this weird pulling feeling that i feel from my penis to my left big toe, all the way down my leg.. the vein on my shaft is very very swollen and thick which the doctor also said is normal but i KNOW thats a part of whats wrong with me too. it really really hurts even to just touch it and when im laying in bed its extremely uncomfortable.when i ejaculate its hard to get it all out and theres always some left no matter what i do that ends up dripping out slowly over the course of the next 30 minutes or so... and i just feel generally sick always but i think thats the depression.. and i get this weird bubbly sound near my bladder sometimes for a whiile after urinating or ejaculating. it lasts hours sometimes. its like the feeling of your stomach growling but on the bottom right side instead. i can barely sit down sometimes with this vein on my penis. it feels like its going to explode alot of the time. and my testicles too are really sensitive most of the time when i try to sit. im adjusting myself constantly so its really really hard to have a normal every day life when im uncomfortable literally 24/7 wanting to adjust my pants and stuff... i read about this thing interstitial cystitis and it seems very similar to what i have, and it says on wikipedia its recognized as a disability and the psychological toll on people who have it is comparable to someone going through chronic cancer pains or kidney dialysis.. and believe me i pretty much wanna die every day with this... its really really bad and my doctor doesnt understand the extent of it really. im sorry this is so long but yeah ive tried everything with my doctor i was just hoping maybe someone on the internet can help. my doctor also tested my prostate and said it felt normal. thanks so much if you can help.

didnt realize how long this was my bad, lmao. but yeah ive also seen some stuff about ureaplasma and chlamydia, that also seems very close to what i have

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