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Hi welcome to my long post. I believe I might have a kidney stone problem. I only recently connected the dots but I am not 100% sure if this makes sense and want to get others opinions before I go spend money at a urologist since nothing serious has happened yet. Some facts about me that might help diagnosis, I am 23 years old, 6 ft, 135 pounds (skinny as hell). I donít have the healthiest diet, I eat too much wheats and meats most of the time.

Two days ago after having sex with my girlfriend, I realized that I had a bit of discomfort in the tip of my urethra. It felt like something irritated it like soap. It would only slightly sting when pressure was put on it from my pants. It got better throughout the night but still lingered. Now it feels like itís still there but faded even more. I was disturbed and wondered if I was getting a UTI but that doesnít seem like the case. I then started wondering if I passed a small kidney stone and it scraped the urethra a little bit on the way out.

Then my mind traveled back to the only other time I have injured my penis. Back in December (about 10 months ago), I was masturbating more than usual. I would also hold off on ejaculating for longer periods of time, like over an hour and a half. That night when I ejaculated, I felt a sudden pain in my shaft. It felt like I pulled a muscle or something. I was freaked out so I tried to get an erection about 20 minutes later and could only maintain a very week one. I also noticed my penis was pointing slightly to one side. I was really freaked out and started reading online and was hoping it was just sexual exhaustion and would go back to normal. My erections slowly got better over the next few days and my penis now seems to not have any curve when erect.

One of the things I also noticed other than the weak erections and slight lopsided effect that went away, was that when I peed with an erection, I would sometimes notice my **** stream splitting. Like something was blocking it a little bit. Itís really hard to tell unless I have a erection while peeing and kind of point it in different directions. It still is like that today and I kind of just forgot about it once my erections went back to normal.

Now, after this urethra irritation episode I am theorizing that I have a cluster of grain size kidney stones lodged in my upper urethra that lodged there back in December, causing the damage to my erection for a few days. Recently when I ejaculated or peed after sex, a small stone was dislodged and exited my urethra leading to the irritation or light abrasion. Now I am worried there is a cluster of small kidney stones that need to come out. I drink lots of water and sometimes drink a lot of beer which causes strong **** streams but those never lead to anything exiting. I never had any blood or pain from peeing. It was just after that I noticed the irritation. I never noticed any stones in my urine but I never thought about it until now. Even though it seems like this irritation in my urethra tip is improving in the last two days and I still have no pain or decrease in my ability to urinate/ ejaculate, Iím still worried.

The idea of kidney stones has scared me since I was a kid. I never really thought about them much but when I imagined myself getting them I would be horrified. I really hope this isnít happening but I would love to hear what people with experience are thinking. It could clear up my paranoia. If this irritation continues for many more days, I will definitely make a trip to a doctor but I would prefer to avoid that at all costs, especially since I kind of think Iím over reacting. Thank you very much for reading all of this and providing any insight you can.

- J

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